: Playing with the "game-changer"! The FreeFly Systems MōVI M15, M10 and M5, a fully-stabilized camera mounting systems also used on our multicopters. With this innovative move, the Copterproject team has also moved into an entirely new dimension of possible shooting angles. Our numerous years of expertise gathered in camera work, production and directing guarantees you breathtaking footage as a perfect complement to your production.


We employ only the best equipment from a wide range of premium manufacturers. This also ensures that we always have the best systems and equipment to meet the needs of every situation and camera model. The systems offer a choice of one-, two, or three-man operation, whereby camera personnel from your own team may also be employed. An (HD) video downlink for image monitoring is also available here, depending on the operating mode. The camera mounting systems can be operated in an automatic follow mode, or can be autonomously controlled with full 360° panning capability and +/- 90° tilt.


MoVI Controller

MoVI Mimic Controller


: singlehand or dualhand operations possible

• Payload 2 - 6 kg

    -ARRI Alexa Mini

    -Phantom Miro


    -Sony F55

    -CANON C300 / C500

    -CANON DSLR (7D, 5D)

    -SONY NEX SERIES (NEX 5N, FS100, FS700, FS7)

    -Live HD-SDI Broadcasting

•Remote control head with 360° pan, +/- 110° tilt

•HD-video downlink (HD SDI 4:2.2)


Music video "Joel Havea - Going Gone"

Making of "Joel Havea - Going Gone"