: Welcome to the world of Digital 3-Axis Camera Stabilizers! We are using the Freefly MoVI Pro, M15, M10 and M5 handheld bundle, which is is designed to appeal to professional filmmakers and includes the very versatile MoVI Pro, MoVI Ring Pro, Bush Pilot and MIMIC Controller.

The new MoVI Pro is the most advanced gimbal system ever created. It delivers industry-leading performance, flexibility and ease of use. The MoVI Pro is a lightweight, portable stabilizer system that enables users to quickly and easily create high quality video content in premium quality.

Our company got the very first unit delivered to Germany - This was in late 2013 when this new technique became available. Our operators are very experienced with this kind of equipment and went to almost every place of this world for various kinds of productions.


We also have access to the latest and biggest gimbal system, the MoVI XL. The MoVI XL is designed to be lightweight, completely wireless, and easily adaptable to a variety of platforms like cars, quads, boats.

MoVI Controller

MoVI Mimic Controller

MoVI Bush-Pilot Controller


: Now the Freefly Movi XL is available and conquers the market with a very cost effective setup. We have already used it extensively for car shootings and as well off-shore on boats. All bigger camera and lens setups that haven't found a place so far in the smaller gimbals are now feasible within the Freefly MoVI XL.


For those people who find a Russian arm too expensive, this solution is perfect. The Freefly Movi XL Brushless Gimbal can carry up to 20 kilograms of camera + lens, and attachments. Of course there is a full HD live image transmission as usual. The gimbal can be connected to various controllers, such as the MoVI controller.


: singlehand or dualhand operations possible

• Payload 2 - 6 kg

    -ARRI Alexa Mini

    -Phantom Miro


    -Sony F55

    -CANON C300 / C500

    -CANON DSLR (7D, 5D)

    -SONY NEX SERIES (NEX 5N, FS100, FS700, FS7)

    -Live HD-SDI Broadcasting

•Remote control head with 360° pan, +/- 110° tilt

•HD-video downlink (HD SDI 4:2.2)


MoVI XL, MoVI Pro, TYR Arm Auto Tests

Music video "Joel Havea - Going Gone"

Making of "Joel Havea - Going Gone"