: Being the first people in Germany receiving the MōVI M10s in October 2013, we had the chance to get lots of experience since delivery. Music-Clips, Corporate films, Long formats, TV-Commercials, TV series and film sets around the world had been our playground.


Furthermore our friends from FreeFly Systems visited us in Hamburg and checked our skills in order to process MōVI trainings. So, we feel really well prepared to share our knowledge!



Day 1 – Introduction

 The concepts behind the MōVI

 How the MōVI differs from other stabilization systems

 Product Tour       

 Balancing a camera


 Fine tuning the system

 Using the Freely Configuration App & understanding the various settings


Day 2 – Practical usage

 Using the MōVI

 Majestic Mode   

 Dual Operator Mode

 Configuring the wireless controller

 Working in tandem with two operators

 Specific Shots

 Shooting Exercises

 Review footage from the groups

 Advanced rigs & shots

 Using ropes and belaying safely