: The team at copterproject enables spectacular dimensions of camera perspectives, at extremely low operating costs. Our helicopter systems are prepared for use quickly and very flexible.


DOP`s, directors an creatives like the various possibilities of these flexible and flying camera-platforms. They can fly higher than the largest film cranes, make low flights, for which manned helicopters would not receive flight authorization and hover over impassable land, which a Steadycam operator would not be able to negotiate. We use hexacopters and oktocopters with various load bearing capacities and high resolution cameras like the RED EPIC. The equipment is operated with quite and emission free electromotors.


The aeronautical equipment includes position hold and GPS functions. The image is controlled via a video downlink. Our camera mounts can be controlled independently, can be swivelled 360° and can be tilted +/- 110°.


Heavy Lift Copter (RED, ARRI Mini,...)

Payload: 8Kg

Freefly ALTA

Heavy Lift Copter (DSLR, RED, ARRI Mini)

Payload: 6,8Kg

CS12XHL (coming soon!)

Heavy Lift Copter (RED, ARRI Mini,...)

Payload: 12Kg

hot&high capability


: Crew, consisting of pilot and cameraman

• 6 or 8 or 12 brushless motors

• Vmax 50 Km/h

• Altitude 150m

• Range 400m (LOS)

• Endurance approx. 8 - 25 min per take

• Hot&High capabilities

• Payload 4 - 8 KG

    -ARRI Alexa Mini

    -Phantom Miro


    -CANON C300 / C500 


    -SONY SERIES (FS700, FS7, Alpha 7)

    -CANON DSLR (5D, 7D)

• Remotehead can be swivelled 360°

• Can be tilted +/- 110°

• SD/HD Video downlink

• suitable for inside and outside use


: Since beginning of 2015, Copterproject was involved in numerous 360° projects. We've designed and akquired some special built mounts and flight techniques for this booming business.

We are also very proud, to be part of the "SPHERIE - 360° Copter" project, which was initiated by Hamburg based company SPICE VR. The whole concept was presented at the SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas.